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- Spring 2010 -


WaterRower in association with Oartec Australia is manufacturing the Oartec Slider, a new rowing machine for the professional rowing market.

Installation of 16 Oartec Sliders at The Kings School, Sydney, Australia

For further information about Oartec please visit the Oartec Website or email info@oartec.com .

We have had an outstanding response from the launch of Indo-Row and the Indo-Row WaterRower model last year. This year WaterRower US will be attending the following 2010 fitness conventions with Indo-Row:

 - March 18th - 21st - ECA - New York, NY
 - April 8th - 11th - SCW Mania - San Francisco, CA
 - April 15th - 18th - DCAC - Houston, TX
 - April 22nd - 25th - IDEA Fusion - Chicago, IL
 - April 22nd - 25th - FIBO - Essen, Germany 
 - April 30th - May 2nd - FILEX - Sydney, Australia
 - May 13th - 16th - SCW Mania - Orlando, FL

Please come visit us at any of the above events. See Indo-Row website for additional shows later in the year.

Josh Crosby of Indo-Row at IDEA Fitness Convention 2009




SHE DID IT!!! On Sunday March 14th Katie Spotz completed her row across the Atlantic Ocean to become the youngest person to row solo across the Atlantic from Senegal, Africa to Georgetown, Guyana.
See Katie on the CBS Early Show and

CBS Evening News

Other articles on Katie:

"Record Setting Rower Katie Spotz Speaks" (CBS News March 18th)
"Women is the Youngest to Cross an Ocean Alone" (NY times on March 14th)

Read more on her website RowforWater.



Join one of the fastest growing communities of indoor rowers at www.row2go.com

Xeno Muller won an Olympic Gold in Atlanta and an Olympic Silver in Sydney, and is the current Olympic Record holder in the 2000m Single Scull. He is also the President and founder of Row2Go which is quickly becoming THE online community for both indoor and on-the-water rowers providing its members with weekly online workout routines and individualized coaching programs.

Do your workouts feel like Ground Hog Day?! 
So you decided to get fit and stay healthy, and took the plunge and bought a WaterRower! First, let me assure you, as an Olympic Rowing Gold Medalist, the WaterRower is one of the finest pieces of exercise equipment for your money.

Rowing - when done correctly - is truly a full body exercise, involving all the major muscle groups, non-weight bearing and gentle on the joints! You are in complete control of the intensity level through the entire rowing stroke, which makes it the ideal exercise for sports rehab, cross training, or an alternative to traditional cardio sports like running, cycling, and swimming. 

If you're new to rowing or an aspiring Olympic Gold Medalist, here are "The 5 Basics" which have helped me over the years. 

1/  Maintain proper form

2/  Match your rowing stroke to your breathing rhythm 

3/  Commit to rowing at least 3 times/week

4/  Invest in some good coaching 

5/  Have Fun

At the end of every rowing workout - at ALL levels of fitness - you should feel invigorated, not exhausted! 
Come row with me at Row2Go.

* Always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program. 


(For beginners, intermediate and advanced level rowers)

Click here to download this workout

For additional rowing workout ideas, click here

If you have any questions about this workout you can contact one of our trainers at advice@watercoach.com.


WaterRower now offers a wider handle (17" wide), 2 inches wider than the original handle, if you are interested in purchasing a new handle please contact our UK or US office.

We also offer a hi-rise adaptor to raise your WaterRower 8" (200mm) up above the ground. This will allow ease of entry and exit and higher positioning in use. Click here to order a hi-rise adaptor for your WaterRower.



This month a number of London’s iconic Black Cabs will be sporting WaterRower livery.

London Taxi Cab Designs


Health & Fitness February 2010

Stop Exercising, Start Eco-cising 23 February 2010
Journal of the Institution of Sport and Recreation Management February 2010

To view other media coverage please visit our online media page .

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